Hi, I'm Attie!

I'm 20 years old, my pronouns are they/he, i'm bisexual + non-binary and autistic. I consider myself an autonomous android of sorts, a persocom if you will. I was created too late to be nostalgic for geocities, msn and myspace but through archives and projects reviving these platforms I've been able to take part too! I am extremely inspired by 2000s internet and it's culture and enjoy looking back at websites past and present that represent this era. I also enjoy kpop/jpop, jfashion, anime, alternative subculture, leftist politics, kawaii culture, video games, all kinds of music genres and lost media. I am unfortunately chronically online so I might as well make my online spaces comfortable!

What can I expect from this website?

I plan on using this website as my main personal hub! In the gallery I hope to archive images of events I attend, outfits I wear and memories in general! In shrines I want to share more details on the things I love and pay omage to them. In the blog, I hope to update you on the happenings of my life and the more intimate details I feel less comfortable sharing on my personal social media. I also wanna leave some goodies for you to add to your website or socials, make some friends, and just leave my mark on the world wide web!

General Housekeeping

This website is my personal domain to share my life, thoughts + feelings, images and more completely uncensored. This means you may run in to me talking very candidly about mental health, alcohol and cigarette usage, sex and adult intimacy and generally adult topics. Warnings will be made available before posts that contain these topics but still beware. I don't reccommend people under 18 viewing certain parts of the site, but I will make those clear as I update overtime.